Hot Rod and Motorcycle Detailing

Hot Rod and Motorcycle Detailing

Detailing your motorcycle is very important, there are so many pleases that cant be clean on a regular wash and very hard to reach, that is necessary to go to the next level, getting all those hidden parts clean, getting the paint restored, polish the chrome, cleaning the wheels and reconditioning all leather.

Matte colors are now very popular, and they need a proper way to detail.

Cars and motorcycle with matte paint deserve uniquely designed products for their uniquely manufactured finishes. That’s where we come in. We use a premium line of paint care products specifically formulated for use on matte paint..

Your paint will remain perfect thanks to no fillers, no waxes, no silicones, and, most importantly, no shine. Until now there has been no answer to the begging question, “Can I protect my matte paint?” With the Matte Paint treatment, you can rest assured that everything you need to care for your special paint job is here developed specifically for your car’s – motorcycle finish.

With the right tools, and patience this can be accomplish.

It’s very important to understand how old cars were painted, a simple coat of wax may not work well or a buffer without the proper training and product can damage your paint forever, so we come with the best and find out what process and product your car needs to get the best results without compromising your original paint.